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How to deal with big changes in your life

Most of the people I've worked with as a therapist in the last twenty-five years have been going through some kind of change in their life. Maybe it's the transition from teen to young adult, or maybe they just graduated from college or were recently divorced. These are just several of the transitions that can be difficult to navigate and can trigger feelings of anxiety, sadness and overwhelm. These are also the situations that can trigger symptoms and struggles with food, such as restrictive eating, overeating, binge-eating, and even purging behaviors. Learning how to deal with change with a little more grace is a wonderful thing and learning how to undo dysfunctional food behaviors can be very rewarding. We're all going to lead lives full of challenges and having confidence that we can manage those times well leads to increased self-esteem. Change is as inevitable as the seasons, but learning to see the beauty in transitions makes them an opportunity for growth and much more sweet.

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